“I am a designer who enjoys saving, discompose and reassembling unique high-quality garments that exalt the beauty that every woman already possesses”

Irene Elena Roliti introduces her project of a new fashion look over again from ethical and eco friendly perspective.


stylist who loves to save, discompose and reassemble clothes to create garments that celebrate the uniqueness and beauty that every woman already possesses, communicating what she has inside, through what she wears.


A digital shop with craft soul and creativeness, that uses technology to communicate and to be all over the world. Protecting the environment, aiming to satisfy customers, making them special, this what Random does.


Random wants to be a defiance. It wants to prove that beauty comes from creativity and play and not from the compulsive needs of new items. Accustomed to years of “Throwaway” culture, we no longer know how to give the right value. For RANDOM the value can be found in all materials and in People.
Random is a point of contact between the need for recovery and quality production.
Our mission is to reuse raw materials destined to retting ground going out of the traditional sector production chain.
With the art of the Upcycling we create items adding value to materials that in fact had lost almost all of it.
Our products follow an ethical strict route, they are designed and assembled in a totally artisan way, in Italy and in the respect of highly qualified workers.

All our manufacturings have uniqueness and irrepeatability granted by the material used for their creation, found through study and careful selection.

Our models also wear comfortable sizes, we like to spread a kind of fashion that reflects everyday reality, strongly supporting that every woman is beautiful with the body she has.