Random #ethicmission

Ethics. A large container that includes innumerable facetings, Random chose to be concerned with ecology, quality recycling and handicraft.
We care about the destiny of the planet and recycle used clothes, we play our little part to reduce, attenuate and delay the huge amount of material that goes into landfill. We want to show that this can be done!
Furthermore we are against workers exploitation, whether foreign, or local, this, not only because respect should be a rule, but also because we think it is important to be able to work with heart and soul while maintaining the flavor for craftsmanship and its magic. We are human beings, not machines, and working with passion, we transmit a particular energy to the products, we leave a part of us.
Upcycling is a new term born of the “up” and “recycling”, it is a recycling where the result is of superior quality (up) to the starting product. A quality recycle, where you lose the idea of old, patched, adapted and sloppy, but indeed, this is often a high-crafted object. Random enjoys finding ever more sophisticated and imaginative methods to decontestualize and reverse the raw material that is the source of inspiration. The final product is the result of fantasy and creativity, but also of a lot of technical studies.
Through what we wear, we communicate something about us, something objective as work or social class, but also something of our character, or a state of mind: introverted, extrovert, romantic, rock, sad, melancholy, sparkling, joyous.
Body language, along with the colors and shapes, we all speak of so much. We strongly believe that fashion can not be superficial.
We want to be an alternative to a kind of fashion born from unbridled consumerism.
Style and Fashion, but Ethical!
We are committed to ensuring that garments are increasingly suited to the client’s anatomy and for this reason we take great care in designing models, even using a personalized service.
Random, furthermore, carries on its own “Random” philosophy.
As we are convinced that “nothing happens by chance”, randomness becomes a way to play and guide intuition and creativity.
We like to play with the case during the creative process, and on some occasions “Random” has also become a way of living everyday life!
Sometimes it is much better to launch a coin in the air and rely on the case!